Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Photo: My sister Karmina does Ben Stiller's Blue Steel face... Pic taken either by Noel, or by herself... Her birthday falls on Valentine's day. Lucky her. She was a top ANC anchor till December 2005. Then she got married and went on an adventure with her husband Noel -- tall as an Ent but without any bark or leaves -- and their adventure has so far taken them to Pennsylvania and other solar systems. She's still a practicing broadcast journalist actually (now with The Filipino Channel in the US) and is also the youngest daughter and kid of Dudi and RC. However, if you ask two wise-cracking tykes, her best qualification is that she's a good silly buddy and giggle-mate. More of the two kids' view below, along with their present to Yammi...

The Family Files

Karmina's turning 21! Not...

I asked the kids what they plan to put together for Yammi and lo and behold, they put together a nice present...

Their present for Yammi?

Rio and Luna spelled Yammi's name with giant leaves!

I always thought the last letter was a 'y' but then Rio said yes it was actually a 'y' but he wanted to make things different so they can use their leaves differently.

Oo nga naman.

So here it is for Yammi, a heart on a hot air balloon (like a fruitcake making the rounds during the Christmas holidays) and the special present, her name in leaves -- an organic gift to a good organic friend that the kids miss greatly.

Happy birthday Yammi!

And happy Valentine's Day.

We hope you and Noel are doing well.

More pictures later, promise. Abu! #

All photos by Red, except for the heart on a hot air balloon, taken by Reg Hernandez from the recently concluded hot air balloon fiesta at Clark air field. Regman said this was his Labentayms gift to Red, da pinuno, Haring Tikbalang ng mga Space Invaders. How isweet...


KC said...

HI Rio Boy and Lunaloo! My baby boy and baby girl! Thank you so much for the fabulous greeting! You made me miss you even more. Rio, you're such a big boy now! And Luna, I LOVE your long and shiny hair! Thanks again for remembering Yami on her birthday. I love you both so much. Thanks Tatay and Mama!!!!! Abbbuennno!!!!!

jona said...

aww. ang swit naman!